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MisfitMask - the facemask that won't steam up your glasses.

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Customer Reviews

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Anne Wright

This mask did have a cool airflow feel at first, but it still got very moist and sweaty after a few minutes and was also very bunchy and the inside fabric kept sticking to my face and getting in my mouth and definitely still fogged my glasses. Very not impressed (especially for the $$$ price).

David Long
Misfit is very good

The only thing I don't like about the mask is that it's just heavy enough that I have a problem breathing after about 15 - 20 minutes. I have COPD, so I have trouble breathing anyway, but I have to wear a mask when I'm working. This one is great when I have to run into a shop.

Tara Korst
Best mask yet for keeping glasses clear

I've tried quite a few masks with my glasses and most are pretty terrible at keeping your glasses clear from fog but this mask has been a major improvement. One negative is it makes my face really hot and I sweat under the mask if it's a warm day or I'm being active.

Shaun D DeVos
Uncomfortable and steams my glasses. False advertisement

The mask is uncomfortable and my glasses still fog up nearly immediately, constantly with it on. Very disappointed.

Herman Maestas
Too small for me

Even with the ear loops extended as much as possible the mask is too small for me to use comfortably. Also when I tried it, With the mask on and adjusted as best as I could, I could blow out a candle which would lead me to believe it provides no effect or protection at all. This is made more believable as I can see through the part that sits in front of my nose and mouth.

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